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LAMINEX, společnost s ručením omezeným

České Vrbné 2397 
370 11 České Budějovice
Czech Republic - Europe

49° 00.898 N
14° 27.020 E

IČO: 46679766
DIČ (VAT): CZ46679766

Tel./Fax: +420 385 520 892

 E-mail: tnp@tnp.cz  

Jana Nůsková

Sales & Marketing
Mobile:+420 604 256 801
E-mail: tnp@tnp.cz

Radek Němec

Executive Manager
E-mail: nemec@tnp.cz

Jan Němec

Production Manager
E-mail: vyroba@tnp.cz

Descripción del camino


Después de llegar a České Budějovice de la carretera de Praga, Brno o Linz tome por el circuito rumbo a Pilsen, Strakonice.
Antes de la seńal de tránsito que indica la frontera final de la ciudad České Budějovice - último cruce con semáforos en České Budějovice, doble a la derecha hacia la parte de la ciudad České Vrbné.

Si llega desde la carretera de Pilsen, Strakonice doble en el primer cruce a la izquierda.
Llegará al río - a la pista de eslalon acuático - luego doble a la izquierda y a unos 300 m nos encontrará en el edificio de la antigua central hidroeléctrica.



Laminex, Ltd. was founded in 1992 in České Budějovice, Czech Republic and since this year Laminex specializes in a paddle and oar production under the brand name TNP.

Today, the brand name TNP is a synonym and guarantee for high quality products. You can find our products in the sport related shops all over the world. We have an extensive range of distributors within the Europe as well as in Asia, Russia, Africa, and the Northern America. Please visit the detailed Distributors list to find your nearest distributor here.

We offer broad scale of paddles for leisure and sportive activities such as canoeing, rafting, sea kayaking, kayaking, rodeo, Stand Up paddling, etc. With TNP you can opt to chose not just paddle type, but also the lenght, type of shaft, blade color, angle, and hand position. We offer 1-part paddle up to 4-part paddle. One of our great futures is the Vario YP coupling, which enables to set any type of angle and extend the paddle up to 10 cm (for Stand Up Paddles up to 20 cm).

You can also opt for the Vario Z coupling, which enables you to set any type of angle.