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PaddleExpo 7. - 9. 10. 2016 - we will be there!

Dear distributors and business partners,

I would like to invite you to our booth at the international canoe and kayak show PaddleExpo, that takes place at the Nurnberg exhibition centre, between October 7 - 9, 2016. Our booth is Nr. M24 and we will be sharing a booth with our German distributor Blue and White, as usual.

At this show we will introduce our new wildwater kayak paddle - Rapa Carbon and Rapa Carbon light.

Looking forward to meet you there.

New catalogue for season 2016/2017

Our catalogue for next season is ready. You can download .pdf (katalog 2017_web.pdf) version here.

A small illustrated right paddle length guide


We´ve put together a brief manual for you to find out the right kayaking, canoeing, raft or SUP paddle length…

You can download it here>>>

Enjoy! :)




Coming soon - Wolferine Carbon!

Outdoor Retailer Australia, Sydney, June 19 - 21, 2016

We would like to invite all people from canoe and kayak industry to visit us at ORA in Sydney, Australia. We will exhibit most of our products there:

New - children canoe paddle type 600.0!

For this spring we have prepared a new children canoe paddle type 600.0. The paddle has a blade made out of high tough polyethylene with an aluminium reinforcement. The duralumin paddle shaft diameter 28 mm is covered with a nice black sleeve in place where you hold the paddle. The produced lengths are between 100 - 140 cm. The paddle weight is 640 g (for length 115 cm). In 2016 we will produce only yellow blades.


New TNP catalogue for season 2016!

Dear customers,

we would like to inform you that our new catalogue for season 2016 is finished. You can download it here.


By buying the TNP paddle you...

Donate to one of the two interesting projects by buying a TNP paddle!

In the year 2015 we would like to contribute towards two interesting projects, one in the Czech Republic, and one abroad. As for abroad, we have chosen the project of solar-powered school Surya in the Indian village of Kargyak. In the Czech Republic we have decided for the Czech Otter Foundation Fund. We are committed to contribute a part of the profit from each paddle sold in the year 2015 to the project fund. The final sum in the project fund will be divided proportionally based on voting. The money will be handed over to the representatives of both projects on January 16th 2016. Voting is open from February 1st 2015 till December 31st 2015 on our web page. Each participant can only vote once, the purchase of a TNP paddle is not required to enter the voting. You can vote here

projekt surya projekt vydra



Nos gustaría presentarle una novedad de para la temporada 2014-15 – el remo Nekton, 100% de carbono.

Nekton es un modelo exclusivo de nuestra gama de remos de Kayak Marino. Para el material de la hoja, hemos elegido 100% carbono, muy ligero y resistente.

Nekton fue desarrollado en colaboración con experimentados kayakistas marinos y técnicos en el campo de la laminación. Las hojas del remo Nekton atraerán su atención a primera vista gracias a su costilla doble, la cual incrementa su firmeza y estabilidad de durante el golpe, sin impedir que esta se sumerja en el agua. No nos hemos olvidado de la seguridad con las inscripciones “Nekton” y “TNP” grabadas en cintas que reflejan los rayos de luz en la oscuridad.

En su versión estándar, los remos están disponibles con pértigas de material compuesto de 28 mm de diámetro, en versión simple o doble y también en combinación con acoples Vario YP o Z.

El golpe del remo es estable y fuerte. El remo está diseñado para kayakistas más experimentados y se destaca por su bajo peso y excelentes propiedades al remar.

Su nombre, Nekton, está inspirado en la biología. Nekton es todo ser vivo de los océanos capaz de moverse por sí mismo, contrario al plancton, que solo flota pasivamente en las corrientes marinas.


Catalogues for season 2014/2015 have been printed. You will find there complete range of our products that we will produce in next season. Here you can download our new paddle catalogue and our new SUP catalogue.  




We would like to announce the results of our photo contest. First of all we want to thank all participants for sending beautiful pictures. It was very difficult to choose 5 best photos. At the end we decided to reward these authors:

Vili Englund:

Zdeněk Hataš:

Miroslav Kava:

Martina Nádvorníková:

Peter Pataki:


A special thanks belongs to Eliška Brůnová for her photos. She can choose a paddle from our product range, as well.

Take pictures we will definitely prepare something for you next year, as well:)


New SUP catalogue

 There will be big changes in a SUP paddle range for season 2014:

Therefore we dediced to make a special SUP catalogue that contains all changes. You can dowload it here


Nuevo catálogo para el 2014


You can download nour ew catalogue here (19489 kB).


Deployable couplings

Odkapový Kroužek TNPNew product for 2012/2013!

Do you need new or additional couplings for your paddle? It cannot be any more easier then with us. Our set includes short describtion (manual) and a pair of couplings for 28-32 mm diameter shafts. It is very easy to assamble it. You can also see short video in the section About the product.



Vario Z coupling

TNP presents new coupling for the 2012/2013 season!

The coupling allows swifly and without any additional instruments to change the angle on your paddle. It is available for any kayak paddle. You can set 0-90° on each side.

The pictured paddle with the Vario Z coupling is touring paddle Pyxis.