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Packaging and Transport


One-piece paddles and oars - with a Laminex tag
Splitting paddles and oars - the whole paddle or oars are packed into a plastic sleeve in whole or divided.

Each paddle bears a visible tag, which includes the manufacturer´s information about the paddle: type, used materials, length in cm/inches, other specifications and unique bar code. It also provides information about us and useful advices about how to choose a paddle.

Expedition packing:

1) In cardboard boxes

We pack paddles in cardboard boxes (width 25 x height 40 cm). We have available the following lengths 120, 170, 220 and 245 cm. The boxes can be folded up to 5 boxes max.


2) On pallets

The paddles are packed in cardboard boxes (width 80 x height 40 cm),
the box length depends on the paddles length (up to 240 cm).

One pallet accommodates 4 cardboard boxes. 
We have available pallets in length 120, 130, 160, 170, 200, 220, 230 or 240 cm. The length of the pallet depends on the maximum length of paddles. 
One cardboard box accommodates between 50 - 100 pcs of paddles. 
The actual amount depends on the paddle type, the paddle partibility and the angle by kayak paddle.


Laminex provides for the transport of its products if requested by the customer. We can ship to the closest terminal/airport of a terminal closest to the destination or as "door-to-door" delivery. The transportation is paid for by the customer.