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TNP - Catch The Catch paddle is our new release, special for kayak fishing. The blade, made of glass-filled polyamide, has several new features developed to help fishermen solve their common problems that may show up during fishing.

1/ Hook - helps to draw the boat to the bank or any object closer to the boat
2/ Fishing line groove - helps to release the stuck fishing line or bait from the sea/riverbed or branches
3/ Rough edge - helps to push the boat easier off the bank, rock etc.  

The new CATCH blade is very firm, delivered on duralumin or composite 30 mm diameter shafts. It is supplied as one-piece or two-piece with standard, YP or Z coupling.

TNP - Catch


Blade: PAG
Blade area: 547 cm2
Available blade colours: Black
Length: 180 - 260 cm
709F.0 Catch 709F.0 TNP Catch 1030 g Dural ⌀ 30 709F.0 Catch
709F.2 Catch 709F.2 TNP Catch 1080 g Dural ⌀ 30 709F.2 Catch
709F.2Z Catch 709F.2Z TNP Catch 1130 g Dural ⌀ 30 709F.2Z Catch
719F.0 Catch 719F.0 TNP Catch 880 g Glass-fibre ⌀ 30 719F.0 Catch
719F.0X Catch 719F.0X TNP Catch 880 g Ground-glass ⌀ 30 719F.0X Catch
719F.2 Catch 719F.2 TNP Catch 930 g Glass-fibre ⌀ 30 719F.2 Catch
719F.2X Catch 719F.2X TNP Catch 930 g Ground-glass ⌀ 30 719F.2X Catch
719F.2YP Catch 719F.2YP TNP Catch 960 g Glass-fibre ⌀ 30 719F.2YP Catch
719F.2YPX Catch 719F.2YPX TNP Catch 960 g Ground-glass ⌀ 30 719F.2YPX Catch
719F.2Z Catch 719F.2Z TNP Catch 960 g Glass-fibre ⌀ 30 719F.2Z Catch
719F.2ZX Catch 719F.2ZX TNP Catch 960 g Ground-glass ⌀ 30 719F.2ZX Catch
729F.0 Catch 729F.0 TNP Catch 810 g Carbon ⌀ 30 729F.0 Catch
729F.0X Catch 729F.0X TNP Catch 810 g Ground-Carbon ⌀ 30 729F.0X Catch
729F.2 Catch 729F.2 TNP Catch 860 g Carbon ⌀ 30 729F.2 Catch
729F.2X Catch 729F.2X TNP Catch 860 g Ground-Carbon ⌀ 30 729F.2X Catch
729F.2YP Catch 729F.2YP TNP Catch 890 g Carbon ⌀ 30 729F.2YP Catch
729F.2YPX Catch 729F.2YPX TNP Catch 890 g Ground-Carbon ⌀ 30 729F.2YPX Catch
729F.2Z Catch 729F.2Z TNP Catch 890 g Carbon ⌀ 30 729F.2Z Catch
729F.2ZX Catch 729F.2ZX TNP Catch 890 g Ground-Carbon ⌀ 30 729F.2ZX Catch
19 x TNP Catch