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Nekton is an exclusive model in our range of sea kayak paddles. We decided to use very light and strong 100% carbon as the blade material.

The Nekton paddle was developed in collaboration with both experienced sea kayakers and laminate technicians. The blades of the Nekton paddle immediately draw your attention due to their double rib, which enhances the blade’s strength and stability when paddling and it does not get in the way when the blade enters the water. We also thought about safety – the integrated lettering “Nekton” and “TNP” is made of reflective tape, which reflects light in the dark.

We normally offer the paddle on 28 mm composite shafts. Choices include one-piece or two-piece, or in combination with a Vario YP or Z coupling.

The paddle stroke is stable and strong. The paddle is designed for experienced sea kayakers and excels thanks to its low weight and excellent properties when paddling.

We borrowed the Nekton name from biology. Nekton means everything that is alive in the ocean and capable of active movement. The opposite is plankton, which only floats passively thanks to sea currents.


Blade: carbon
Blade area: 620 cm2
Available blade colours: Black
Length: 200, 210, 215, 220, 225, 230, 235, 240 cm
Weights for length 220 cm
221.0 Nekton 221.0 TNP Nekton 730 g Carbon ⌀ 30 221.0 Nekton
221.0X Nekton 221.0X TNP Nekton 730 g Carbon ⌀ 30 221.0X Nekton
221.2 Nekton 221.2 TNP Nekton 780 g Carbon ⌀ 30 221.2 Nekton
221.2X Nekton 221.2X TNP Nekton 780 g Carbon ⌀ 30 221.2X Nekton
221.2YP Nekton 221.2YP TNP Nekton 810 g Carbon ⌀ 30 221.2YP Nekton
221.2YPX Nekton 221.2YPX TNP Nekton 810 g Carbon ⌀ 30 221.2YPX Nekton
221.2Z Nekton 221.2Z TNP Nekton 810 g Carbon ⌀ 30 221.2Z Nekton
221.2ZX Nekton 221.2ZX TNP Nekton 810 g Carbon ⌀ 30 221.2ZX Nekton
8 x TNP Nekton