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Where to buy

We are looking for a distributor in these countries:

All TNP paddles and oars can be purchased from our distributors and their partners. Since the offer of products is broad, it may happen that at the websites of our partners you do not find exactly the product you are looking for. It does not matter!

In our catalog select the paddle you want and order the product with our partners in the same way as if it were on the website. The only difference will be that the paddle is not on the stock and delivered within the standard delivery time depending on the amount and type of the chosen product.


Select country

Czech Republic

Czech Republic

HG SPORT s.r.o.

Vodácká 136
17000  Praha 7 - Troja
Czech Republic

Tel.: 251 512 006-7
Fax: 251 512 008
E-mail: info@hgsport.cz
Czech Republic


J. Palacha 324
530 02  Pardubice
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 466 304 432
E-mail: noe.obchod@seznam.cz
Czech Republic

H2O SPORT - Sikyta

Zručská cesta 104
301 00   Plzeň - Bilá Hora
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 377 562 174
Fax: +420 377 562 174
E-mail: h2o@pujcovnalode.cz
Czech Republic


Loděnice u Malše
370 01  České Budějovice
Czech Republic

Tel.: 386 462 305
Fax: 386 462 305
E-mail: info@ka-servis.cz
Czech Republic

Vodák Sport s.r.o.

Bratislavská 31
60200  Brno
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 545 214 430
Fax: +420 545 214 430
E-mail: info@vodak-sport.cz